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Lighting Fixtures Blueprints [UE4]

Decided to learn how to use Blueprints by making some quick fixture props, and giving them aesthetically pleasing but optimized lighting setups - that would allow good, consistent object-based lighting, with some controls to make it easier to illuminate larger spaces with fewer sources.

I posted WIP updates for these here:

Most of these Blueprints use Stationary Key Lights, with a supporting Static Fill Light with an attenuation value that can be multiplied when the Blueprint is placed (these are made to work with Static/Mixed Lighting). Common Controls/Variables also include a basic On/Off, Brightness, Colour, and Shadow Casting.

Harley wilson lsetups2 riglights a

Spotlights Rig

Harley wilson lsetups2 riglights b

Spotlights Rig - Lighting Only & Light Complexity

Harley wilson lsetups2 riglights c

Spotlights Rig Blueprint

Harley wilson lsetups2 wallsconce a

Wall Sconce

Harley wilson lsetups2 wallsconce b

Wall Sconce - Lighting Only & Light Complexity

Harley wilson lsetups2 wallsconce c

Wall Sconce Blueprint

Harley wilson lsetups2 hemisphere a

Hemisphere Office Light

Harley wilson lsetups2 hemisphere b

Hemisphere Office Light - Lighting Only & Light Complexity

Harley wilson lsetups2 hemisphere c

Hemisphere Office Light Blueprint