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I worked on a fair few of the Missions, plus generic/reusable props. I was mainly responsible for creating generic and mission-specific assets from scratch, taking whitebox assets to final quality, and level art on some missions - mostly the final dressing passes of Rooftop Comm Relay, and polish passes on Subway Morgue and Russian Consulate.

Harley wilson hw ad 5

I created the main relay machinery props for this mission, as well as the automatic doors and the generators.

Harley wilson hw ad 6

In this area, I created large hanging tarps, US Army/Services coffins, added polish (mud build-up, etc) and optimised the massive amount of bodybags.

Harley wilson hw ad 8
Harley wilson hw ad 9

I created the dust covers for the industrial consoles, and added some dressing in this area.

Harley wilson hw ad 2

I completely overhauled this rooftop, creating the custom roof surfaces, and I was responsible for final dressing in this mission.

Harley wilson hw ad 4

I dressed this area to signal the presence of the Rikers faction, adding dressing, graffiti, burn decals, and making the burning room safe for gameplay.

Harley wilson hw ad 1
Harley wilson hw ad 3